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Do you have an opinion?

Prove it.

Honest Hearts
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Do you get called a bitch or an asshole because you say what's on your mind?
Do you hate people who are too scared to voice their opinions?
Do you feel like you are more intelligent than the majority of the population?
Are you witty and sarcastic? Scathingly sarcastic even?
Do you wish all the dishonest people in the world would die painful deaths?

If you said yes to any of the above then this community is for you!

Here, you can post about your hilarious encounters with retards, and rant about pitiful bastards that are sadly mistaken about the value of their own self-worth.

Make fun of people, communities, or yourself. Say what you really think of them. We accept the fact that making fun of stupid people is a very rewarding experience. Hell, we like stupid people, because they're such a great form of entertainment, and they make us feel like incredibly brilliant and capable human beings. We're bitches and we know it. We're proud of it, even. We also accept the fact that sometimes we can be stupid too! It's more fun that way. We are honest with ourselves and others, that's what's important!

A few simple rules:
-Don't bother joining unless you actually plan on posting every once in a while!!
-If you're going to name a specific person or community you are making fun of, make that entry friends only. We don't want those people or communities seeing it and coming after us! We're pussies, you see...or, better yet, we firmly believe the unspoken rule that if you insist on talking about someone, it should be in private ;) Remember, we're not disrespectful fucks, we're bitches. Stupid people deserve respect too! We pity them and use them for personal amusement purposes, that's all.

"I think that happiness is when you can let yourself feel every emotion you want at any time instead of being a lying little fuck."

"I'm not interested in being a really nice person. I want to be a creative, responsible person that's balanced."

-Tori Amos